Request Image Search

Request An Image Search

Request a search of our nostalgic collection, simply enter the areas, places or events you want us to search for. To search in a specific area please browse the Image Library  but remember, we have many thousands more old postcards and images in the collection than are online.

Charges:  £5  for each album or area searched. Please also see 'how to pay' page.

Method: Searches are carried out manually, and (assuming we do actually find something) we can supply you with low-resolution printed copies (photocopies or printed jpegs) through the post, or we can send low-resolution jpgs by email. 

This charge includes up to 10 copied pages, as stored in our albums.   Each album page normally holds 4 postcards, so this could be a maximum of 40 postcards.

As we gradually move over to digital storage, the search may include images already scanned on the computer, so low-res printouts may be included.


If you require the results by email, low-res jpegs will usually be sent.  These will be adequate for looking at on-screen or for reference, but will not really be suitable for display purposes.  Jpegs may also bear the 'Copyright Sheffield Postcard Co' text.



On submission, this form will send an email enquiry to Sheffield Postcard Company and a copy to yourself.


If you want to contact us about a search (or if you don't understand what on Earth we are talking about!)  please send an email to:

Please leave the subject header as 'search.enquiry'

but remove the underscores (_) and replace 'at' by @, which are our antispam measure, before you send it.

We are sorry, but anything else will get automatically 'bounced' back to you.