How to Order Online

How to Order Online


1. Order a print from an image you have seen.

2. Request a Search of our archive.



1.  Order a Print


Although we only have a small selection of our archive collection online in the 'Image Catalogue' , if you have been able to find what you want, then ordering an A4 size  laser print is easy !

1.  make a note of the reference number (or numbers) you want.  (eg spc205)

2.  send your payment by paypal to :-

payments02_@_sheffieldpostcard_._co_._uk   (removing the underscores of course)

3. remember to include your name & contact details with the payment.

4. Once payment has cleared, your print will be posted to the address verified by paypal.



2.  Order a Search


click on the link on the left of this page, to be taken to the Request search page.