Sheffield Postcard Co.


Melamine is a very durable product and our Melamine Placemats are good enought to survive fairly intensive commercial use, as well as normal domestic use.  Ideally, please don't immerse them in water, although they can be wiped or washed clean with boiling water up to a point.  They are not recommended for use in a dishwasher.

We quote all melamine placemats individually - whether you require a one-off or several sets of the same images, the time to produce them does vary, and we like to be as fair to you as we can.

Our standard service would include -

  • new scan from card at correct size
  • colour correction and picture touch-up to remove any major marks
  • adding your restaurant or premises name to the caption line
  • production of mats
  • despatch to your address by carrier.