Print & Copy Sizes

Print & Copy Sizes


Search & Reference Copies

Picture Search fee for specific purposes or locations.

Includes up to 10 simple office photocopies (of photographs or postcards) as stored in our albums.  Each album page normally holds 4 postcards, so this could be a maximum of 40 postcards. 

  • Minimum Order - 1
  • Price - £5.00  Per album or area searched

  • postage - Included in charge.


Office Photocopies

Black & White suitable for reference purposes only.  Original postcard size. Approx 5.5" x 3.5" (140 x 89mm) (we normally fit 4 postcards on an A4 sheet)

  • Minimum Order - 1

  • Price - £2.00  Per card copied

  • Postage - please add £1.95 for envelope and postage.



Scanned Laser Print

High quality (b/w, sepia or colour) unframed.

Postcard scanned, cleaned-up, and printed off.  Postcard will be enlarged to approx. A4, 11" x 7" (280 x 178mm).

  • Minimum Order - 1

  • Price - £19.95  each

  • Postage - please add £2.95 for plastic protector, card backed envelope and postage.  (We can normally fit up to 5 copies in one envelope.)


Special Sizes

Please email for a quote.   In the past we have produced enlargements up to Poster Size (1.5 x 1.0 metres) so can normally accommodate most requests.